Real! Good! Goat Milk Soap handmade on Vancouver Island by Sandy's Old-Fashioned Bathworks

If you are ordering soap just click on the "Add to Cart" button... it's $3.75 per bar!

I can ship anywhere - the shipping cost in Canada for 1 to 12 bars is $10 or $12.The cost is slightly more to the US - $12 to $15.
Shipping costs have been preset for Canadian rates. If you are ordering from the US or somewhere else, you can pay the Canadian shipping rate and I will send an invoice for the balance, which you will be able to pay with a credit card or Paypal. Or you can email me Please Click Here.... and I'll tell you exactly how much the total is going to be. About me! Click Here!!

This soap is for the real manly man! The fragrance is bay rum, an old-fashioned scent that was popular with grandad, but men (and women!) still love it today.

The classic scent of lavender flowers will take you back to a simpler time! Lavender is known for its relaxing properties and is a favourite with ladies everywhere!

This soap is a gentle blending of green to signify the forests, blue for the ocean which surrounds our beautiful Island, and white for the gentle breezes. The rich forest scent will make you think of a walk through the woods!

Just like a tall cold glass of ginger ale! You can almost feel the bubbles! Enjoy one today!

This is a light, soft fragrance that will remind you of sheets drying in a gentle summer breeze!

This soap is a dreamy blend of lavender, sage & peppermint. It's a lovely soft scent that will gie you instant relief from the stresses of life!

If you like peppermint you are going to love this bar! It will not only wake you up, it will give you a reason to get out of bed!

This pure goat milk soap has absolutely no additives, scents or colour, making it a very mild soap for the most sensitive skin.

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Last update September 28 2017